Retreats & courses

Retreats & courses

Mas Integral and its warm and cosy facilities at the country house Collsesplanes welcomes groups for personal development activities. Collsesplanes is an ideal place for courses, retreats and workshops.
Our studios and facilities are available for days, week-ends and weeks, whatever time you need.
Our Peace Studio is a comfortable space roughly 30m2 (5 x 6m2), ideal for reduced number groups, or for theoretical activities and meditation. 
Our Life Studio, is a large, diaphonous studio 190m2 (14 x 14 m2) and is a wonderful space for activities in large groups.
If you wish to hire our studios or services please contact us for availability.

Yoga retreats

As yoga is a physical practice, as well as mental and spiritual, and depending on which branch of yoga more or less dynamic, it is necessary to have suitable space around oneself to practice the asanas comfortably and freely. For enjoyable practice in groups, a large, diaphanous space (without pillars) is required, as characterized by our Life Studio.

The large studio at Mas Collsesplanes, with its immense natural energy, almost 200m2 of diaphanous space and with stunning views over tranquil forests, is a delightful place for practicing yoga. Built with bio materials which give a clean, harmonious and fresh feel to the studio, it’s a perfect space for practices with fundamental principles of energy flow.

With such a beautiful environment, the studio will inspire and enhance your practice of yoga.

Please contact us to organise your yoga retreat or workshop.

Yoga retreats and Collsesplanes
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Chi-kung / Tai-chi

T'ai chi is an internal Chinese martial art and has experienced a rapid growth in popularity over recent years. It is practiced for both health and self-defense training, though longevity is also associated with its practice. As a result, many different forms of T’ai chi exist, but all have one thing in common; the need for substantial personal space within to practice the different movements.
Our large Life Studio, a 200m2 space, 14 x 14m is a perfect diaphanous space for group practice of T’ai chi or in fact any such martial art. Constructed from bio materials, it has its only natural energy, that enhances the practice and inspires development.
To bring your group for a T’ai chi retreat or workshop at country house Mas Collsesplanes, please write to us for availability.
Practicing T'ai chi in the fresh air
T'ai chi postures
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