Country house

Country house

Since 2007 we’ve been reforming and embellishing, little by little, this beautiful 13th century country house and its surroundings. Each year we start developing numerous dreams and projects to make this corner of the world a friendlier place.

Some of the more recent projects have given us the most satisfaction are: the mandala vegetable garden, the new chicken coup for local breeds “flor de almendro and pericas”, and the stable for our new friendly horse Carlit (breed "Comtois”). Our most recent and challenging project that has taken a good part of our time has been the reformation of the 18th century farmhouse annexed to Collsesplanes. Thanks to this, we now have our new “Life Studio”…. A beautiful, spectacular and large open studio space, ideal for practicing yoga, world dance, tai-chi, chi-kung and other expressive movement therapies.

Butterfly at Collsesplanes
Collesplanes country house entrance
A sunset seen from our country house
Anton building the stable
The rural country house Collsesplanes
The rural country house Collsesplanes
View from Collsesplanes
Carlit, the Comtois breed horse at Collsesplanes
Rural farm house Collsesplanes
Rural farm house Collsesplanes in Spain
Rural country house Collsesplanes in Spain
Rural country house Collsesplanes in Spain

Surroundings - Espinelves and Sant Hilari de Sacalm

We are in the middle of the Espacio Natural de Les Guilleries – Savassona with views of the Montseny, both protected areas of outstanding natural beauty. A few miles down the road lies the beautiful village of Espinelves, with its Fir Tree Fair and forest of hundred-tear-old sequoias. Close by is the town of a hundred springs (Sant Hilari de Sacalm) and also the Malafogassa bridge with its magic river. On the north side of the masia we enjoy incredible views of the Singlas de Collsacabra and the Sau marshes.

At 1000m above sea level, we are wrapped in a blanket of leafy forests rich with wild mushrooms, chestnuts, birds, plums, and all classes of tree that make-up the unique Catalan countryside: evergreen oaks, firs, chestnuts, beech, oaks, hazelnuts, cherry trees… The altitude, the abundant water and gentle climate influenced by the coast make this area, sparsely habited, one of the last corners of peace and wellbeing that one can find.

Views of the Montseny
Views of the Montseny
The forest at collsesplanes
The forest at collsesplanes
The sunset over the Montseny
Walking in the woods at Collsesplanes
Winter scenes in the woods
Mixed mediterranean forest
The bridge at Espinelves

Practice studios

We offer two practice studios for yoga, meditation and other activites.

Peace studio

We offer a 30m2 studio (5x6m) with a wooden floor and plaster walls, painted with ecological paint. It is ideal for personal development activities for small groups, theoretical activities and motionless meditational activities.

Life studio

The large studio, a 190m2 (14x14m) unobstructed space with beautiful natural light, has natural chalk walls with ecological paint and is ideal for large groups and those wishing to practice movement activities such as tai-chi, chi-kung, dance, music and theatre.

Living room

The common area where you can sit and relax and enjoy the views of the Montseny forests, listening to music, reading books or just enjoying the crackle of the wood burning heater.


To hire our practice studios simply use the details on our contact page.

The living at Collsesplanes
Relax in the hammock at Collsesplanes
The old kitchen in the country house
Curl up round the fire
The Life Studio - a large 196m2 studio for yoga and other activites
The country house
The Peace studio - 30m2 and ideal for meditation
The large studio - Japanese martial arts practice

Facilities and accommodation

We can accommodate up to twenty people in our warm and cosy rooms, and shortly we will have capacity for much larger groups.

We can also adapt our meditation and yoga studio, the Peace Studio, to provide more accommodation should it be required. Bathrooms are warm, cosy and with excellent walk-in showers.

Our lounge-dining room, with large stone arches, has a large fire place and offers wonderful views of the Montseny to the west.

The old traditional kitchen
Wild mushroom harvest!
One of the bathrooms at Collsesplanes
The dormitory with comfortable bunk beds
A relaxing spot
A second dorm


Manso (Peaceful): calm, placid, tranquil, gentle

Manso Collsasplanes, is the name of the country house in old documentation.  From the layout of the stones in the arches, and the clay that holds the stones, we can assume that we are talking about a construction from the 13th century. The beautiful traditional kitchen was the last extension to the house, and dates from 1799.

Manso is what we now call masia (country house), an isolated building, linked intrinsically with family agricultural or livestock farming. Towards the end of the 18th century, it’s possible that they built the house next door, where today you can see a small building once used as a shop, that formed part of the accommodation provided by the then roadside hostel on a strategic point on the route from Vic to Sant Hilari de Sacalm (Sa calma… calm, placid, tranquil). It probably also served for the recollection of crops from the different house in the area to take them to the medieval market in Vic.

Farmer at Manso Collsasplanes
Weighing charcoal
Threshing the hay
Making with charcoal, a key activity last century
A farmer with his young family
An old photo of the farmhouse